31 Mac apps for Developer and to increase Productivity

31 Mac apps for Developer and to increase Productivity

Mac is premium devices with incredible characteristic features, quality desktop programs and a huge group of built-up apps supplied by Apple which are widely used by developers in their daily lives to accomplish various tasks and make sure their work easy.

In this article, we'll give a once-over of the most normally utilized Mac engineer tools that make life simpler for both amateur coders and more experienced designers. We trust that our concise outline of the 34 best engineer tools for Mac will assist you with finding a utility that will all-around fit your work process and make your advancement project go easily.

Let's get started exploring these apps successively one by one:

1. Xcode


It is one of the best MAC apps for developers, which has a code editorial manager, underpins different programming languages and allows developers a brought together work process for UI configuration, testing, coding, and troubleshooting. Moreover, it processes Xcode Swift, IDE, and C/C /Objective-C compilers.

Xcode is a correlated development environment system that offers a comprehensive ordering of MAC developer tools – all developers needed to construct incredible applications for MAC, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch.


Xcode goes beyond basic usage that is not generally found in other terminal emulators. Some of the amazing features of Xcode that make it distinguish from other terminal emulators are:

  • Multi plateform template
  • Improve auto-indentation
  • Store kit testing

2. iTerm2


iTerm2 is an open-source replacement for Apple's Terminal and the substitution for iTerm. It's highly personalized and comes with a lot of functional features.

This appropriate terminal emulator will allow you to deal with your work process productively. Moreover, It has been one of the most popular iOS development tools of 2021 with amazing characteristic features.


  • Text Selection
  • Split Panes
  • Hotkey Window
  • Regular Expression Search
  • Autocomplete
  • High-Color Modes
  • Focus Follows Mouse
  • Cursor Finery
  • Notification Center Support
  • Tmux Integration
  • Automatic Profile Switching
  • Shell Integration
  • Shell Integration and Utilities
  • Python Scripting API

3. Sublime Text

Sublime text Sublime text is an amazing recommended mac app that is filled up with marvellous up to date features, enhancements, and besides these all including all the intensifications.

4. SourceTree

SourceTree Sourcetree clarifies how you interchange with your Git repositories so that you can draw the centre of attention on coding. Visualize and manage your repositories through Sourcetree's simple Git GUI.

What truly stands apart from this Mac developer tool from other applications is a basic Git GUI assisting developers with imagining and oversee facilitated and neighbourhood stores.

The apparatus allows you to make, clone, submit, push, pull, combine, and more with a solitary snap. It operates with Git and Mercurial.


  • Track your progress visually and analyse informative branching diagrams and get over team objectives keeping up the great job.
  • SourceTree is compatible with two popular OS, with the help of which you can harness the power of Git no regardless of your preferences.
  • Give proper order to your projects smarter with Submodules. Group them, set dependencies, and do other useful things.

5. Tower

Tower The tower is so simple to utilize Git geezer for Mac as well as windows. It integrates efficiently with loads of other Mac developer apps and can be supervised from the order line. Git Tower can turn into an important Mac developer tool for the users who need to get to their Planio storehouses utilizing a natural GUI.

The arrangement gives a large group of cutting-edge highlights, for example, single-line organizing, submodule backing, and document history. With this application, you don’t need to stress over committing errors – you can utilize “fix”, make new branches through drag and drop, or move back to past corrections.

6. Atom

Atom Atom is another one of the best Mac apps, which consists of source code and proofreader dependent on web technologies. It is selected by a large number of developers for its delightful interface and UI-UX design.

The most interesting fact about this open-source Mac developer app is that it supports modules written in JS, Node and inserted Git Control created by GitHub.

Moreover, Atom is preferred to utilize as an IDE for numerous programming languages. With this, you get language autodetection, grammar featuring, managing to autocomplete framework, and many other such incredible highlights.

7. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code Visual studio code is lightweight but a powerful fount code editor which operates on your desktop and is available for macOS, Windows, and Linux. It comes with a built-in underprop for JavaScript, Node and TypeScript.


  • It is fully optimized for building and amending modern web and cloud applications.
  • Visual Studio Code integrates the simplicity of a source code editor with powerful developer tooling, like debugging and Intellisense code completion.
  • Visual Studio Code supports Linux, macOS and Windows - so you can hit the ground running, no matter the platform.

8. FlexiHub

FlexiHub FlexiHub is among the prize-winning and leading MAC apps for developers who are building programming solutions for iOS gadgets.

Flexihub is mainly advantageous for iOS application checking and troubleshooting. It functions across WiFi, Ethernet, LAN, the Internet, or some other organization and protects every association with cutting-edge traffic encryption.

9. Homebrew


Homebrew is a free open-source bundle chief. This specific arrangement of Homebrew gives an easy method to introduce MAC terminal utilities, UNIX tools, and graphical applications on Apple’s macOS.

It can immediately download & introduce them, accumulating them from the source. Being one of the most flexible MAC apps, it has been recommended for its usability just as it mixed into the order line.

10. Postman


Postman is undoubtedly a powerful GUI platform that simplifies each step of API development. This makes it faster and easier and helps with testing, documentation, & sharing.

Streamline collaboration to create better and faster APIs. Automated testing and developer onboarding are the use cases of Postman. It provides support for all APIs and schemas.


  • Postman provides built-in support authentication protocols, including OAuth 2.0, AWS Signature, Hawk Authentication,
  • Postman lets you access APIs no matter the authentication protocol backing them.
  • Manage sensitive data like API keys by storing them in session variables that remain local to your machine and are never synced to your team.

11. Sequel Pro

Sequel Pro There are a lot of amazing features of using Sequel Pro; from its fast delivery to ease of using a Mac database management application that works well with MySQL databases. Through Sequel Pro You can access MySQL Databases directly on local and remote servers. You can easily streamline the workflow with a native Mac OSX application.

The installation is also very simple. You just simply need to download and connect to your database.

12. Appium

Appium is an open-source test automation framework, that is used for native, hybrid, and mobile web apps. It allows the drives of iOS and Android apps using the WebDriver protocol.

Appium ensures the test of native apps without the requirement of an SDK or recompiling the app. It automates any mobile app from any language or a test framework, having full access to back-end APIs and DBs from test code.

13. Parallels Desktop

Parallels Desktop tool that proffers 30 single click utilities for mac. It allows you to prevent embarrassing notifications, and screen saver lockout during presentation and meetings.


  • The application offers a quick IP address lockup.
  • It can analyze and optimize the performance of the app.
  • Parallels Desktop tool helps you to find identical files.
  • You can even capture video of your entire screen through this mac tool.

14. [Slack(slack.com/intl/en-in/)]


Slack is one of the convenient business communication and messaging platform designed specifically for mac-OS. It is one of the useful and best productivity apps that assist you to integrate and streamline communication. It offers cross-team transparency and more natural productivity within a business.


  • The tool also allows you to create communication channels for mobile and desktop messaging.
  • It enables external and internal sharing and flexible browsing.
  • You can see and search the history.
  • Slack allows you to easily collaborate with other people.
  • Last but not least It can automate routine action and communication.

15. Linfei


Linfei is the best voice recording mac software ever. This is used for Mac, which helps you to share recorded audio with your family and friends.


  • It allows you to make changes in the recording.
  • You can manage your recording with ease.
  • Linfei can record any voice faster.

16. Amphetamine

Amphetamine is an awake app for Mac that can prevent your mac from locking or sleeping with one mouse click. This program offers easy to configure UI and also supports shortcuts for ease of access.


  • It is one of the best MacBook apps that can quickly identify a specific amount of time.
  • You can allow or prevent screen saver activation.
  • The tool does not contain any ads.
  • It can lock your laptop screen after some time of inactivity.
  • Supports for AppleScript.
  • You can use your notification tone.

17. Hazel


Hazel is another useful mac app that automatically organizes files according to rules defined by you. It can move any directories according to name, type, date, and more. The application can quickly sort movies without any hassle.


  • It helps you to create workflows to process files the way you like.
  • It is one of the best mac apps that can delete files from the trash that is too old.
  • You can manage the size of trash.
  • Supports iTunes and image importing.
  • It allows you to sync data to Dropbox, network share, or iCloud Drive.
  • Provides notification with sound and many more such features.

18. HyperDock

HyperDock is a utility tool for Mac that enables you to view a single window of the application by levitating mouse on dock items. It permits you to control iTunes songs without any difficulty.


  • Hyperdock allows you to move and resize window hassle-free.
  • Offers full configurable key shortcuts.
  • This free mac app shoves events with time while hovering the mouse on a calendar dock item.
  • You can quickly open new windows with help of this free mac tool.


Tower makes it simple to utilize Git client for Mac and pushes code to GitHub. This is not difficult to incorporate with numerous other Mac OS Dev tools. Its features incorporate single line organizing, submodule backing, and record history. There is no space for botches, as it is not difficult to fix and make new branches by means of intuitive or move back to past modifications.

19. Dropbox


Dropbox is a file storage service furnishing personal cloud, cloud storage, file synchronization, and client software. It is designed to get together on your projects, whether you are working individually or in a team.

Main Features:

  • It provides you to safely sync data across all devices.
  • Your file size should be 50 GB or smaller
  • Helps you to bring all your content altogether
  • Give notification of progress updates, and to-dos added to descriptions.

20. Logic Pro


Logic Pro is a free Mac tool that ensures you turn your Mac PC into a quality recording studio. This free mac app provides DJ style effects and transactions for tracks and music. It is a must-have Mac app that enables every developer and user to mix their music collection with ease.


  • Easy to control live loops, from iPhone or iPad.
  • Allows you to quickly build melodic parts, drumbeats, bass lines, and more.
  • You can play many onscreen instruments like piano, drum pads, guitars, and keyboards.
  • Logic Pro allows you to craft audio tracks with more than 2000 software tracks.
  • It helps you to manage, edit, record, and manipulate MIDI performance.

21. [DayOne] (dayoneapp.com)


Day One is a unique journaling mac app that assists you to pay attention to writing. It has both free as well as paid version. It helps you to write any story easily. It is one of the best apps for the Macbook Pro that enables you to add drawings, videos, photos, or audio while writing.


Other main features of Dayone includes:

  • Unlimited journals
  • Text entries and secure cloud backups
  • unlimited journals
  • Auto voice to text transcriptions and much more.

22. App cleaner

App Cleaner is the most magnificent and useful mac app ever that allows you to free up space -covered by junk files- and uninstall the useless apps permanently.


In addition to the above-mentioned importance, App cleaner also offers the following features:

  • Free to use.
  • Easy to download.
  • Remove unwanted applications, plugins, widgets, and more.
  • Remove unwanted space from your hard disk.

23. Fantastical


Fantastical is the award-winning calendar mac app that helps you to keep an eye on various events on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It is a user-friendly app that helps you to quickly reach out the documents, photos and other files you required for your meetings.


In addition to the above-discussed characteristics, Fantastical also offers the following features:

  • keep all of your events and projects in sync
  • Manages your every task at a proper time
  • Full-screen day, week, month, and year views
  • Interprets autocomplete recommendations for locations, invitations, conferences, calendars, and task lists

24. Alfred

Alfred Alfred mac app is an outstanding launcher app for macOS that heightens your productivity with keywords, text expansion, hotkeys and appreciably more characteristics. Additionally, it provides you with a feature to search your favourite website with a custom keyword search that utterly saves your precious time, and permits you to preview any file that you want with ease.

The main purpose of the Alfred mac app is that it's a keyboard launcher that enables you to search for anything you want with simple keywords but later on, it goes further than that. Besides this, it offers the following features as well:

  • Executes system commands
  • Supports shortcuts
  • Controls and manage your music
  • Saves clipboard history
  • Can help you to create your workflow
  • Enables you to perform a fast math calculation and many more.

25. Transporter

As the name recommends, Transporter assists with transferring application on iTunes Connect. This incorporates sending applications, shows, or conveying books on Apple items, like App Store. You just have to drag it and drop it into Transporter to begin. This paces up the interaction of conveyance, and transfer numerous documents all the while.

Check the conveyance progress, errors, and alerts, and handy solutions for every one of the issues continuously.

26. Go2Shell

The best Mac applications for engineers would not be finished without a little Go2Shell device that opens a terminal window to the current catalogue in Finder. You just install this application, simplified it onto the Finder toolbar​, and get a catch in your Finder windows to snap and open a terminal window around there.

27. Dash

While remembering code grammar(syntax😂) from all languages sounds difficult to you, a decent arrangement will be Dash. It is an API documentation program and code bit administrator. It gathers Documentation for such programming languages as HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, LESS, Sass, and some others. Run assists you with putting away bits of code, just as in a flash inquiry and peruse documentation for practically any API you may utilize. This Mac application for designers offers moment disconnected admittance to in excess of 200 API documentation sets.

28. Airmail

airmail This fully accessible mail client was designed specifically for iOS, macOS and watchOS. Email workflow is optimized with extensive customizations, custom actions and deep integration with a wide range of apps and services.

29. GoodTask APP


GoodTask is a task manager based on Apple's Reminders and Calendars. With rich functions added on Reminders and Calendars, you'll reach a whole new level of productivity with GoodTask. Try it now and achieve great things!

30. Bartender

bartender Bartender is an award-winning app for macOS that superpowers your menu bar, giving you total control over your menu bar items, what's displayed, and when, with menu bar items only showing when you need them. Bartender improves your workflow with quick reveal, search, custom hotkeys and triggers, and lots more.

31. LastPass

LastPass puts your digital life at your fingertips, simply and securely. Store all of you and your family's passwords across all your devices without sacrificing security. Just an app full of features.


Here was the list of 31 mac apps consisting of Utilities, Productivity and Developer productivity. I would like to give the respected credits of the images and some of the content to the respective website/apps. I use them daily in my life. I am soon going to publish my review on these apps. Stay Tuned.